Monster Truck

driving regulations on the off-road track

Before commencing the journey, participants should read these Regulations and strictly comply with all its provisions, as well as instructor’s instructions and instructions throughout the implementation. Failure to comply with the provisions of the following Regulations may result in an unqualified refusal to provide the service.

Driving a Monster Truck is to drive a vehicle for a full time of service and / or participation in the form of a passenger.
During the entire time of the service, an experienced, qualified Instructor watches over the course. It is strictly forbidden to drive a vehicle without his presence and prior consent.
Non-intoxicated persons under the influence of narcotic drugs or other substances commonly recognized as unlawful and affecting psychomotor performance will not be allowed to drive a vehicle.
The attraction is intended for adult drivers who have a document confirming their entitlement to drive vehicles – driving license category B or higher.
The organizer allows the possibility of driving a vehicle by adults who do not have a driving license, but a decisive condition for the above-mentioned admission is only the subjective assessment of the Instructor during the first minutes of driving. Disputes regarding the admission of a person to drive a vehicle are decided by the instructor and his decision can not be appealed.
Implementation of the ride in the case of minors consists in participating in the experience as a passenger of the vehicle.
Rides are held on a specially created, previously adapted off-road track, which is the sole property of the Attraction Organizer.
Running a Monster Truck is fundamentally different from driving other four-wheeled motor vehicles. Failure to comply with the Rules and Instructor’s instructions may entail serious financial consequences that will be charged to the Participant of the attraction.
The instructor reserves the right to prevent the customer from driving without giving a reason. In the event of failure to comply with the Regulations, the Organizer shall not be liable for any consequential consequences that are unfavorable to the Participant. Disputes regarding the admission of a person to ride are decided by the instructor, his decision is not subject to appeal.
All uncertainties, malaise or fears should be immediately reported to the instructor, driving may be interrupted and continued after the end of the threat. The ride may be interrupted at any time during the application at the request of the person providing the service or an instructor supervising the course of the journey.