Our attraction offer for company and marketing events is directed to Event Agencies and Hotels.

Monster Trucks are a great promotion tool for companies, cities and other institutions.
Parties, Events and shows with the participation of a Monster Truck will be an extreme and
memorable experience.

Monster Trucks – each of the three giant machines has been constructed out of passion for
motorisation and the willingness to create something unusual. However, interest in our Monster
Trucks, which we like to call Suzy, Fred and George, exceeded our wildest expectations. That’s why
we decided to meet our clients halfway and offer our Monster Trucks as a tool for brand promotion.

At the same time, we also care about individual clients, who always receive a smiling welcome upon
their visits on our track, which has been prepared with such giant vehicles in mind.

Feel free to contact our advisors:


Monster Truck as a podium for the company’s chairman or a mobile stage for a conferencier? We’re
open to all ideas, even those that originate from outer space./span>


A perfect advertising and promotion tool for events or new products. A Monster Truck with your
brand’s logo will attract everyone’s attention!


We like travelling. That’s why getting to the place of your choosing is pure pleasure both for our
machines and us. Even if we come back home completely covered in mud!


Limousines, horse-drawn carriages or motorcycles – these are the most popular ideas for wedding
vehicles. For the enthusiasts of unconventionality, a perfect way to highlight the importance of this
event would be….the heaviest weight – Monster Truck!

Mistrzowie Imprez would like to invite you to a track specially prepared for extreme rides in huge
Monster Trucks! It’s an excellent gift idea for those closest to you regardless of their age. A gift for him, a birthday gift,
a gift for everyone! We drive regardless of the weather, and thanks to our experience we know that the more it rains the
more fun the ride gets! Driving a Monster is an unforgettable moto experience, which can be presented to your loved ones
in a heartbeat.

Gift vouchers can be redeemed in Gassy near Warsaw.

See you there!

Visit us on our extreme track for Monster Trucks!

Our track is located in Gassy near Warsaw. Find out more here:

Other extreme vehicles in our garage:


A mini Monster Truck is a vehicle that guarantees abundance of unforgettable moments for young drivers during their first extreme ride!


A dynamic vehicle for desert fun in the field! Light, open construction driven by a proportionally powerful engine with bucket seats and 4-point seatbelts inside.


An amphibian has been adjusted to move in deep snow and peatlands of northern Sweden. In our climate, there are no land obstacles that would be insurmountable for that vehicle!


An attraction that’s similar to a tractor for many reasons– surprises with simplicity and joy derived from operating it!

In our garage, there are two huge Monsters that will add colour to every Event in an extreme way.

More unusual vehicles from our collection also perform perfectly, such as the Mini Monster Truck,
which can be driven by any child over 6 years of age!

The buggy gives great and very efficient performance at integration events, cause it’s no stranger to
mud and rain.
The so-called amphibian is a rare sight, its construction allows it to move on literally any surface.

You can view those and many more other rentable attractions in the full offer of the Mistrzowie
Imprez Company.

Check it out!